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Estate Planning

Our advisers understand and appreciate the sensitivity of the subject when discussing death and inheritance. However it was the great Winston Churchill who referred to inheritance tax as a voluntary tax, simply because it was down to you to decide if you would leave your estate exposed to inheritance tax. The advisers we selected are leaders in their field and can explain your available allowances and ways in which you can manage your estate more tax efficiently to ensure your wealth falls to your loved ones. Some of the potentially solutions our advisers can discuss:

  • Onshore/Offshore Trust
  • Business Property Relief
  • Pension Trusts
  • Whole of Life Policies
  • Gift Allowances

and much more….

Speaking with an independent financial adviser can at least give you peace of mind and a greater understand on how your wealth will be distributed on death. Contact us, so that we can arrange a free, no obligation meeting with your local adviser.

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