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This past few months has seen significant volatility. With the US and UK becoming more involved in the Syrian war and the two largest economies battling it out on trade deals with a tit for tat attitude you what does it mean for the markets and ultimately your investments?

First and foremost the economy wants to see progression and growth but struggles when there are so many unanswered or set decisions. The US and China coming to head on trade deals has caused a great deal of concern, however they both wish to do what’s in the best interest of their economy and once they overcome the ego I feel confident some lucrative and long lasting deals will be made.

Becoming involved in a war rarely reflects positively on the markets. However what it does show is that whilst we are stuck in limbo with BREXIT, we are still as a country willing to step up and become an organised and strong voice in world politics, albeit if you have to come back and apologise for making decisions without full consent!

What can we expect going forward? I doubt it will come as any surprise that we will continue to hear shock stories about Trump, for all we know we could be sat here next week referring to the “United States of the World” because Mr Trump felt a name change was in order.. However what we do know is his bark is worst then hit bite and behind all the ego and childish foreplay is a businessman willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

What about the UK? Well whilst we continue to hear very little about our plans for BREXIT or any action to be taken to implement it (of course other than the change in colour of the passport!), what we do know is May wants to see a progressive economy leaving the EU. With a rate rise expected in May and another potentially in November, its essential we look strong and forward as we make our exit.

With this approach we could finally have some level of pride on our decision?

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